HIGHLIGHTS: Australian Science Communicators National Conference 2014

Now that I’ve got the first post out of the way, let’s get down to business.

I’ll be covering a range of topics in this blog, but they will all be somewhat related to science, communication and education.

To kick things off, over the next week I’ll be covering the Australian Science Communicators National Conference 2014. From this Sunday 2nd February until Wednesday 5th February I’ll be liveblogging and tweeting from the conference. Follow me: @JHScientist

The schedule is full of great content, but I’ve selected my top picks from each session. Hopefully I’ll be covering these sessions on the day and can provide a more in-depth look at each presentation. Feel free to send through any questions you’d like me to ask on the day.

View the full schedule


Session 1
Room B3: (professional development): Science communication on the internet – A beginner’s guide #M6

Session 2
Auditorium: What is science journalism? #M9

Session 3
Auditorium: The new science evangelism: boon or bane for science communication? #M13


Session 1
Room B3: Working with scientists in developing countries to communicate science #T7

Session 2
Room B1: Communicating science through theatre: A new way to reach new audiences #T9

Session 3
Auditorium: The national engagement strategy, from Inspiring Australia to inspiring next door #T13

Session 4
Auditorium: Case studies and papers: Communicating in the mix of hard data, perceptions, advocacy and emotions #T17

Session 5
Auditorium: Developing the evidence base: Inspiring Australia supported research #T21

Session 6
Room B1: Case studies and papers: Science-art, engagement events #T25


Session 1
Room B1: The Idiot, the Disengaged, The Counterpublic: Rethinking Audiences for Science Communication #W4

Session 2
Room B2: Case studies and papers: Citizen science #W9

Session 3
Room B1: Case studies and papers: Agricultural audiences, apps, messaging and visualisation #W12

Session 4
Room B2: Case studies and papers: Communicating risk and tackling misinformation: #W16

Session 5
Auditorium: Case studies and papers: Influencing enrolments and career choices, young people and students in high school and university #W17

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